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Business must go on. We all understand that.

Let our team help yours to continue forward in a safe and positive manner.


- Mary Spicer is certified as:

   + Covid-19 Compliance officer (C19CO) - Safe Sets 

   + Preparing workplaces for Covid 19 - OSHAcadamy Health and Safety Training

   + Certified contact tracer - Johns Hopkins/ Coursera

   + HIPAA+ Covid 19 in Healthcare

   + HIPAA+ Covid 19 Preparing the workplace for Covid 19

   + Safe Sets covid compliance level A 

   + Safe Sets covid compliance level B 

   + Covid compliance for Live Events - Health Education Services

- Available for for film, TV, Commercial, Music video, photo shoots, workplace set up and live events.

- CCO Assistants are available


- Staff are briefed on all safety regulations and updated weekly on the protocols developed. 

- Staff are trained in how to wear and remove all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

- Staff are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure the best protection available when on site.

- Spicer's Staff have created safety measures and methods to handle castings, fittings, film and photo shoots to ensure all involved are protected.

- Automated, contactless covid questionnaires provided.

- We work with your staff to ensure that your production needs are met in a safe and efficient manner.

No animals were harmed in the making of this site.           PH- 303.817.2833

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